General Salle Rules

1. Students will treat each other and the instructor/provost with respect at all times. Civil behaviour in the salle is a condition of continued membership.

2. Students shall always follow the class instructor/provost’s instructions.

3. When the instructor/provost wishes to address the whole class, other conversations shall end.

4. Students will not improvise or move on to the ‘next thing’ during drill until instructed to do so by the class instructor/provost.

5. All training weapons should be blunt and in good general working order.

6. Always ask before borrowing equipment and always return it with thanks in the condition in which it was first taken.

7. On the cry of ‘Halt!’ all swordplay shall stop instantly.

8. No sharp weapons shall ever be used in the salle.

9. No student shall engage in free fencing in or out of the salle until they have been permitted to do so under the direct supervision of an attending instructor, provost or other insured person. No free fencing shall take place in the salle unless an instructor, provost or other insured person is present to supervise.

10. Free scholars may engage in free play in the salle only under the supervision of an instructor, provost or other insured person.

11. No student shall teach other students, in or out of the salle, unless permitted by the attending instructor or provost.

12. Students will always take their fellow students’ safety as their primary concern.

13. All attacks shall be made with control and not endanger the recipient.

14. Masks, along with other safety equipment, suitable to the style, shall always be worn in free play.

15. Free play areas should always be free from obstacles.

16. Black Boar Swordsmanship School does not accept responsibility for loss, theft or damage of personal property.

17. Black Boar Swordsmanship School is an inclusive organisation and as such, welcomes all students in accordance with the principles set out in anti-discrimination law. Thus, no discriminatory behaviour on the grounds of sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, religion, disability or other protected characteristic will be tolerated.