The Black Boar gathering for 2020 will be held in Moffat once again at the Well Road Centre from Friday 13th to Monday 16th March.
The Gathering is a chance for our four chapters to get together, with a few invited friends of the school, to study, free fence, socialise and imbibe.
This years theme is “The point” with all workshops being on this theme.
We are also very happy to say that this years guest instructors are to be Dr Milo Thurston and Dr Bethan Jenkins of the Linacre School of Defence.  Those of you who have attended the Smallsword Symposium will be familiar with these two titans of our art but if you are not you are in for a treat.  The Linacre School has been running twenty years and throughout that time led the way on the study of Smallsword in the UK.   Its an honour to host them.
We are also very happy to say that the school has been doing quite well this year and as such is able to sponsor the event so cutting the cost for you.  In essence we are able to fund the food and drink this year! All in it’s a steal at £90 for the whole weekend.
For this you get:
Two days of workshops, classes and free fencing.
Food and some drink. (feel free to bring more)
Accomadation for up to 3 nights.  We limit to 2 to a room.
The chance to take part on the most inept games of ping pong ever played.
All the terrible jokes, shenanigans and general fun that takes place on these occasions.
This event is open to Black Boar Students and specifically invited guests only.

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